Beautiful American Rose Gardens

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Roses are stars, of course, and their gardening fans are legion, but roses can also be the cast of an entire garden. Indeed, that is the case in these 24 rose gardens (or gardens with roses, really) that Mary Tonetti Dorra has carefully selected from across the U.S. from suburban as well as urban locations, to show off the best in rose-garden design.

Each is different in plan and in climate, in roses featured, and in garden architecture and companion plantings. The master gardeners share their expertise on cultivating brilliant roses and their inspired ideas for using them to enhance the year-round beauty of the garden. With garden plans and resources, boxes and sidebars offering information and growing tips on various strains, and glorious color photographs of roses used to exquisite effect in some of the country’s most vibrant gardens, Beautiful American Rose Gardens is a joy for anyone who loves roses.


Carolyne Roehm, author of Summer Notebook: “What a joy it was to plunge into the fabulous pages of Beautiful American Rose Gardens. As a designer and passionate lover of roses, I was naturally drawn to the visual feast of Richard Felber’s photographs, but it was Mary Tonetti Dorra’s text that held my attention I have learned so much from her informative, well-researched book…Thanks to Mary Dorra, I am now well-armed with advice for the care and nurturing of my roses.”

Rayford Reddell, author of The Rose Bible: “When you’re as passionate about roses as I am, it’s comforting to meet others similarly smitten. In Beautiful American Rose Gardens, Mary Dorra introduced me to some mighty stylish peers.”

Dr. Tommy Cairns, President-elect, American Rose Society, “A charming chronicle of 20th century American rose gardens…a candid horticultural work that sparks the imagination and encourages experiments with rose growing.”

Roger Phillips, co-author of The Random House Guide To Roses and The Quest For The Rose, “Mary Tonetti Dorra has used her immense knowledge to give us a fascinating account of American rose gardening. in doing this she has elucidated the wonderful development of a truly American style of gardening…”