Beautiful American Vegetable Gardens

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24 gardeners from Maine to California, from Wisconsin to Georgia, prove that the practical, bountiful vegetable patch can be as dazzling to the eye as any fancy perennial border or annual bed.


“Everyone who loves food and gardens needs to pore over this gorgeous book–for ideas, for practical information, for plans, and above all, for inspiration. Its pictures and text make an eloquent and irrefutable argument for edible landscaping.” Alice Waters

Beautiful American Vegetable Gardens, by Mary Tonetti Dorra takes you into a bucolic fantasy of enthralling design and impressive maintenance. These gardens were created to feed the eye as well as the stomach. It is filled with alluring photographs by Steve Elting, who captures the romance and variety of these splendid plots along with their abundant fruit. It is also filled with practical information on cultivation and design. There is no vegetable patch that wont profit from the experience, advice and sources shared by Dorra in her clear and unpretentious style The two dozen gardens range from magnificent to manageable, and cover all the geographic areas of the United States. Posted on